Privacy Policy

One World Infinite Co., Ltd. has provided this Privacy Policy to set out how the company collects, uses, and protects personal information of our customers through our website

This Privacy Policy is effective from 22 March 2565BE, as a guarantee that will respect and protect the rights of its customers to privacy and to utilize the personal information for legitimate reasons to ensure personal privacy and the security of contact details. Your information or email address will not be sold, leased, or given to any parties for any reasons without your prior consent in written form.

Furthermore, this Privacy Policy may be updated, changed, and/or amended at any time without prior notification, but the website shall inform its members of a new effective date of the policy. The members acknowledge that it is their responsibility to read the Privacy Policy every time before accessing the website.

Collection and Use of Information

This website provides sales and services for the goods and services of One World Infinite Co.,Ltd., as such it is necessary to collect personal information of the website users upon their first usage of its functions, which may include but not be limited to name, address, email address, and phone number. The company shall keep your information confidential.

The website may use your enquiries history for analysis and market research purposes. There shall be no disclosure of the said information to the external party, except if such disclosure complies with our Disclosure of Personal Information policy.

Disclosure of Information

The website reserves the right to disclose the information we collect from you to relevant parties in the case that there is a reason to believe that such information possesses legal consequences to a violated person, a person threatening to violate, or other persons that may incur danger from such conducts. The website reserves the right to disclose information collected in response to search warrant, statute or court order, or relevant authorities.

Third Party Websites

The website reserves the right to refuse any responsibilities to any links to Third Party Websites (if applicable), whether in content or information, advertisements, or other materials displayed on these Third Party websites. The website does not accept responsibilities from damages incurred from visiting Third Party Website, whether directly or indirectly.


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