Thai spa & massage.

Thai spa and massage are surely getting love from all over the world. Intense body stretching (emphasis on ‘intense’), deep muscle massaging (and we mean ‘deep’), and aromatherapy help sooth your spirit, relax your soul, and alleviate some of your daily stress-related symptoms. It is said that Thai spa and massage is as ancient as the Bhuddist era, originating around 2,500 – 7,000 years ago in India. Some have said that the very person who invented what became Thai massage nowadays was none other that Chiwaka Komaraphat, the Buddha’s physician himself. No doubt it impacts your body and soul greatly. However, what are Thai spa and massage really about? Are they suitable for every walk of life? Here are some perks and risks you should know beforehand.
The perks and risks of Thai spa and massage.
Thai spa and massage are not what people in the Western world may be familiar with, especially the real traditional ones. The massage practitioners use various parts of their body to ease your joint, relieve your tension, and soften your stressed muscles. The traditional techniques are intense, to say the least. The benefits of Thai spa and massage are said to help boost your energy, relieve headaches, and restore blood circulation by getting more oxygen to your system. All of which delivers good effects to your overall well-being.
However, for those who might not be familiar with the procedures, it can come as a shock the first time they experience such deep muscle stretching. Thai spa and massage are not only about rubbing oil and relaxing time while you lay down passively like the Western massages. The participants have to also be active as the massage practitioners work, pressure, and stretch you muscle tissues that sometimes you don’t even know exist.
Thai spa and massage participants are recommended to take some rest after a session. Although its benefits are abundant, there’s no pro without a con. People with pre-existing health conditions should consult their physicians before taking part in Thai spa and massage as it might affect their circulatory system. Those vulnerable conditions that require doctor’s advice include, but not limited to, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases. The same applies to people with serious health issues like cancer, pregnancy, or surgery recovery.
Nonetheless, there’s another way people in all walks of life and health status can get some of the benefits of Thai spa and massage without the pain and possible unpleasant side effects; aromatherapy. It’s user-friendly, easily applicable, and basically safe for almost anyone. Thai spa and massage and many massages around the world have combined these essential oils therapy into their techniques for centuries. Most importantly, you can apply it at the comfort of your home, by yourself.
What does aromatherapy do to your body and mind ?
Aromatherapy is the method of using essential oils for therapeutic benefits to your mind. After inhaling, the scent will directly stimulate positively to your nervous system and affect the part of the brain that influences emotions. Essential oils can also be applied to the skin when diluted, which is why many Thai spa and massage services involve it in their sessions.

Each essential oil has a different effect on your mood and symptoms. There are a few popular ones around the world including:

Lavender oil :
Induce relaxation. Help with insomnia.
Tea tree oil :
Can be used as an antiseptic. Help with acne-prone skin.
Peppermint oil :
Boost energy. Lighten the mood. Alleviate headache.
Eucalyptus oil :
Relieve pain. Help with nasal congestion.
Lemon oil :
Alleviate nausea and pain. Help with anxiety and depression.
Lemongrass oil :
Kill some bacteria. Help with stress and anxiety.
Rosemary oil :
Encourage hair growth. Lighten the mood. Help with brain function.
World’s garden at your doorstep.
According to Precedence Research, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the essential oils market, including Thailand. This is due to some of the advantages of the region and economy. All of them lead to desirable pricing, premium quality, and easily obtainable.
Thailand has a convenient access to most of the plants required in producing essential oils which naturally makes it a home of organic scents. Its massive manufacturing quantity is also an advantage. Also, right now the essential oils market in Thailand has become more modern and the products are easily used as well to satisfy global customers.

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